“The election is over, the talking is done…”

I know, I know, the election is over; and to paraphrase something I read on Facebook™  ”The election is over, the talking is done. My party lost, your party won. So let us be friends, let arguments pass. I’ll hug my elephant, you kiss your  a****!  Most people are trying to do the ‘lets be friends’ part; not the ‘you kiss you  a****’ part. There are a few folks who still feel that it is their duty to convince the ‘other’ guy that he was so wrong to vote the way he did, even though the election was nearly 2 weeks ago. Americans should stop talking about politics and affairs of state, right? Wrong.

Because all Americans know that our finances, jobs, debt and economy and anything remotely tied to these things, are headed for the proverbial terlit (and some say it is already there), it is up to Americans to decide what role the government has, if any, in solving these problems. Part of the problem was caused by too much government involvement, and part of the problem was caused by too little government involvement in operations of this country. After all, if government is PART of the problem, asking/demanding/allowing that SAME GOVERNMENT be part of the SOLUTION; seems to me a bit like allowing the government to be judge, jury and executioner at its own trial. This is hardly an impartial way to solve a problem. Don’t you think it is the role of the GOVERNED/WE THE PEOPLE to determine what the role of government is in finding a solution?

Another thing that the American people ought to be doing (and not just because I say so), is deciding if they want to return to strict interpretation of our founding documents, do they want to mold them into their lifestyle  now (after all  the documents have withstood the test of 230+ years for a reason).

The following article appears long and in some ways is a bit over-the-top for me, but when read with an open mind, there are some solid truths to it. As tempted as we may be to spend the next 4 years squabbling, let spend the next 4 years TALKING  and finding solutions so that the next generation and enjoying life.



Examiner Editorial: To believe Obama is to forget the last four years | WashingtonExaminer.com


English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...
English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This article should be required reading for anyone considering giving Barack Obama 4 more years. Many liberals have already made up their minds, so don’t confuse me with the facts, but no amount of sitting around the table talking economic patriotism and begging for 4 more years (despite a hugely unpopular 4 previous years) will change the minds of some voters. I’d like to be given a solid, fact-based reason that this country should have 4 more years AND this man deserves the 4 years.


But, heck; does your plumber get a SECOND chance if he messes up your brand new bathroom, or the electrician deserve another chance when he messes up the wiring to your house and you have to pay thousands to have it redone? I think the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’


But Barack Obama feels that we should give him another chance-based on what-ah, white, straight teeth and smooth talking. Snake oil salesmen fit that bill, too!.


Examiner Editorial: To believe Obama is to forget the last four years | WashingtonExaminer.com.


Its clear to this voter that the choice is just as clear. Mitt Romney is no natural born politician, but he is a patriot and cares not if he’s given a second term; where Mr. Obama’s sun rises and sets  on whether he and his cronies get another term-for what, I shudder to think.


Why “…Familiarity Breeds Contempt”

Hearing one of my favorite sayings, ‘…no dog in the hunt…’ I was intrigued and continued to watch one of the fastest, informative, 7-minute videos I’ve ever seen. And in that 7 minutes, reason after valid reason is given for why the election this November will be a landslide, predicting that Mitt Romney will be the ‘slider:’ not the slidee.

However, Mitt Romney will have his work cut out for him. Government spending MUST be cut and that won’t be fun. No one person ‘got us here,’ and no one person can undo the past, but we need to start making decisions that will head us in the right direction,

Our country, our economy is near the abyss and we can’t continue this roll downhill, for soon it will become a free-fall. No, “WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE!”

Capitalism or Socialism?

After watching this video, I thought the time might be right to start an earnest dialog about what form of government we the people want and why; You know, the people in Washington aren’t exactly doing a bang-up job representing us, so we need to represent ourselves. If representing ourselves is what is ‘coming down’ we should have an idea of what we’re representing.

After all, we can’t proceed to solve our problems, until the majority of us are on the same page as to how much or how little we want government to be involved in our lives and solving our problems. Do we want a government deeply imbedded in our lives or a government which sits on the sidelines and has minimal input, determining laws, collecting taxes and powers set forth only by the Constitution?

The choice of either way (large, controlling government vs, smaller, allowing you and me to control our destiny) will mean a change in life as we know it. I think you know where I stand from having read  this blog; but I’d really like to hear what you  have to think and why you think it. Remember, everybody’s opinion is valid-at least here!