Is this the Height of Hypocrisy?

I had to come back, had to shout this one from the rooftops. For months now, I’ve kept a low profile on things political, but I could not, not with good conscience, let this slip by, unnoticed. It got under my skin and in my craw. Though, by now it is posted all over, it should be common knowledge, not so much to rub Barack Obama’s nose in the hypocrisy (I’m sure he was aware of this long ago, but is now chastising his tax attorney) as to make another point.

What point? I had to come back, and air this tape ¬†because it points out how much we all do due diligence when statements are made and mud is hurled. For a year and 1/2, Mr. Obama held Mitt Romney’s nose in mud and stirred the pot of class warfare, he as warrior-in-chief chief ¬†(Obama). Now, the truth comes out. They both paid lower tax rates than most of us do. He got the mileage he could out of the 47% video and then bided his time for tax day, not able to wait until inauguration was over.

I like to think I did my homework, but ¬†apparently, not enough: Mr. Obama paid a much higher tax rate-or so I thought.. After all, how dare this pot (POTUS) call the kettle black? But his tax rate was lower than most teachers. I’d be up in arms were I a teacher with a higher tax rate; and Warren Buffet’s secretary? Can he trot her out once again?

Yes, he is lucky, that there is BOSTON and the tragedy that just occurred there to bury this news. But, Boston, what is that all about? Let’s all bow out heads.