Do Americans deserve what they get?

Instead of Washington, DC being the center of a thriving democracy where the people’s business is done, some think DC has become a swamp of stale ideas, corruption, and career politicians doing everyone’s business but the peoples. Some of these politicians appear to care only about their power, prestige and re-election; not the people’s will or their Constitution.

In 2016, voters elected a President who doesn’t care about power, prestige and re-election. Finally, “John Q. Public has a champion!” Where is the support for our champion; our President? For our commander-in-chief?

Wake up, John  Q Public! Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel, someone wants to fight for you, making your life easier and what do you do? Do you sit back on your haunches as the the media relentlessly attacks and gets away with attempts to discredit our President or do you dig in? Why do you allow petty infighting to destroy a ship of State which has ISIS on the run, economic indicators rising, is creating jobs and more and increasing wages at those jobs?

Yes, Donald Trump is lightening rod for controversy, but why is it that we stand for a media which gives our President 93% negative coverage so that his message never gets out? For believing the media unquestionably, do Americans deserve what they get?

President Trump is not without his warts; he’s rough around the edges, uses salty language, and says what’s on his mind. Sounds a lot like LBJ and JFK, FDR and Nixon? But where was the media in condemning their faux-pas? Dislike for Mr. Trump is not based on his policies; it is based on his personality. When did the Presidency become awarded to the winner of a personality contest? I submit that many Americans would rather see President Trump fail, than the country succeed, Have citizens confused personality dislike with policy dislike?

What about Hillary Clinton’s ‘deplorable’ comment, Michelle Obama’s [pride] ‘in her country’ remark, LBJ’s n** remarks, Nixon’s mouth? Yet, the media surely circles like buzzards on Donald Trumps head. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama wanted to increase border security, cut down on illegal immigration and were for increased funding to achieve these goals. Yet, Donald Trump wants the same thing, too, and he’s the racist, the insensitive one. John Q. Public, is there parity here? No. What are you doing about it? I rest my case.

Does the press need to apologize? No. we have a free press, but that press has a responsibility: accuracy in reporting-or at least a good faith effort. MSNBC and CNN need to “Report the facts” Just the facts, and let the American people believe or not believe (unless they host an opinion show). After all, opinions are like **holes; everyone has one…”



“The election is over, the talking is done…”

I know, I know, the election is over; and to paraphrase something I read on Facebook™  ”The election is over, the talking is done. My party lost, your party won. So let us be friends, let arguments pass. I’ll hug my elephant, you kiss your  a****!  Most people are trying to do the ‘lets be friends’ part; not the ‘you kiss you  a****’ part. There are a few folks who still feel that it is their duty to convince the ‘other’ guy that he was so wrong to vote the way he did, even though the election was nearly 2 weeks ago. Americans should stop talking about politics and affairs of state, right? Wrong.

Because all Americans know that our finances, jobs, debt and economy and anything remotely tied to these things, are headed for the proverbial terlit (and some say it is already there), it is up to Americans to decide what role the government has, if any, in solving these problems. Part of the problem was caused by too much government involvement, and part of the problem was caused by too little government involvement in operations of this country. After all, if government is PART of the problem, asking/demanding/allowing that SAME GOVERNMENT be part of the SOLUTION; seems to me a bit like allowing the government to be judge, jury and executioner at its own trial. This is hardly an impartial way to solve a problem. Don’t you think it is the role of the GOVERNED/WE THE PEOPLE to determine what the role of government is in finding a solution?

Another thing that the American people ought to be doing (and not just because I say so), is deciding if they want to return to strict interpretation of our founding documents, do they want to mold them into their lifestyle  now (after all  the documents have withstood the test of 230+ years for a reason).

The following article appears long and in some ways is a bit over-the-top for me, but when read with an open mind, there are some solid truths to it. As tempted as we may be to spend the next 4 years squabbling, let spend the next 4 years TALKING  and finding solutions so that the next generation and enjoying life.


Examiner Editorial: To believe Obama is to forget the last four years |


English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...
English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This article should be required reading for anyone considering giving Barack Obama 4 more years. Many liberals have already made up their minds, so don’t confuse me with the facts, but no amount of sitting around the table talking economic patriotism and begging for 4 more years (despite a hugely unpopular 4 previous years) will change the minds of some voters. I’d like to be given a solid, fact-based reason that this country should have 4 more years AND this man deserves the 4 years.


But, heck; does your plumber get a SECOND chance if he messes up your brand new bathroom, or the electrician deserve another chance when he messes up the wiring to your house and you have to pay thousands to have it redone? I think the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’


But Barack Obama feels that we should give him another chance-based on what-ah, white, straight teeth and smooth talking. Snake oil salesmen fit that bill, too!.


Examiner Editorial: To believe Obama is to forget the last four years |


Its clear to this voter that the choice is just as clear. Mitt Romney is no natural born politician, but he is a patriot and cares not if he’s given a second term; where Mr. Obama’s sun rises and sets  on whether he and his cronies get another term-for what, I shudder to think.


“The Obama Bankruptcy” and food for thought (EB)


ADVANCE EDITORIAL from the August 17, 2012 issue.

12:00 AM, AUG 17, 2012 • BY IRWIN M. STELZER

There you have it: Obama, bankruptcy, and an unpleasant, forced end to entitlements as we know them, or Romney-Ryan and the preservation of entitlements that protect the elderly and disadvantaged, and that are sustainable for generations to come. Like Walter Matthau, Barack Obama is out of money, and has no plan to cut spending or to raise more without throwing us into another recession or worse. Unless he plans to find the equivalent of a rich widow, he should leash his attack dogs and offer some positive alternative to what Romney and Ryan are offering, rather than more of the policies that have brought us so close to financial disaster. Negative ads and squabbles over details are diversions from a debate over how to enable entitlements to accommodate our changing demographics and straitened finances, and a discussion of who would take the nation in the right direction. That is our real entitlement: to a debate on the relative merits of Obama’s “plan” to do nothing and Paul Ryan’s plan for reform.

—Irwin M. Stelzer”

When prophets are false |

Greece has gone bust. Spain is in trouble. Around the world, what Walter Russell Mead calls the “blue state model” of welfare state governance is taking on water, including in the U.S. states under liberal governance. Every day, a new town in California goes bankrupt, even as its governor dreams of light rail. “


When prophets are false |

Barack Obama and “Dragnet”

What a coincidence that I stumbled upon this video at the same time I thought that President Obama needed a ‘TALKING TO! Notice his sheepish demeanor when he receives that ‘talking to’ from Jack Webb and Harry Morgan. I don’t know your opinions on ‘Obamacare,’ but I’ll share mine.

I’m don’t agree with Obamacare; but not because I want to see the uninsured mother of 5 remain uninsured and suffer; an aspersion cast by many liberals. Au contraire, I’d like to see each legal American have access to good health care benefits. I just think we can do better than a 906 page bill which includes an individual mandate, requiring us to buy health insurance-or face a penalty/fine/tax; my solution will find its way to another post.

Many employers provide health insurance to employees as a benefit of their employment. Not knowing the outcome of Supreme Court challenges, employers don’t know if they’ll be charged with providing health insurance or face a penalty/tax/fine. If they are faced with that decision, it is likely that they will think twice before offering health insurance to workers; or they’ll pass the cost of that insurance on to the worker.

If employees don’t receive health insurance from their employer, they’ll be forced to buy it on the free market. This simply isn’t an option for many and they’ll face a penalty/tax/fine or take advantage of the public option.

If employers continue to provide health insurance for their workers, the cost will be passed on to the worker in the form of lower salaries, salary freezes, cut-backs, lay-offs or not hiring at all. This is not the time to keep businesses from hiring; we already have 17,000,000 unemployed workers.

We were told that premiums would not increase. However, does it make sense that we can insure more people, deliver more services to more people; without raising premiums (a promise that President Obama made)?

Unemployment: figures ACCURATE?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the April 2012 unemployment rate was 8.1%. Finally, and at long last, the United States employment and economy are headed in the right direction?  If you said WRONG you’d be right.

The figure of 8.1% is misleading for several reasons. It doesn’t count the millions of unemployed who have run out of unemployment benefits. It doesn’t count those who seek full-time employment but have to settle for a part-time job.  Nor does it take into consideration the millions of frustrated unemployed workers who have given up their search,  Counted in the official figures or not, these people are just as under or unemployed.

if you added them back into the calculations of the unemployed, the rate would be well above 14%.

So, should President Obama be re-elected. Maybe he shouldn’t have said, “If unemployment isn’t below 8% by the time of the elections, I think we’re looking at a one-time proposition.” We all say things we don’t mean, but: