Do Americans deserve what they get?

Instead of Washington, DC being the center of a thriving democracy where the people’s business is done, some think DC has become a swamp of stale ideas, corruption, and career politicians doing everyone’s business but the peoples. Some of these politicians appear to care only about their power, prestige and re-election; not the people’s will or their Constitution.

In 2016, voters elected a President who doesn’t care about power, prestige and re-election. Finally, “John Q. Public has a champion!” Where is the support for our champion; our President? For our commander-in-chief?

Wake up, John  Q Public! Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel, someone wants to fight for you, making your life easier and what do you do? Do you sit back on your haunches as the the media relentlessly attacks and gets away with attempts to discredit our President or do you dig in? Why do you allow petty infighting to destroy a ship of State which has ISIS on the run, economic indicators rising, is creating jobs and more and increasing wages at those jobs?

Yes, Donald Trump is lightening rod for controversy, but why is it that we stand for a media which gives our President 93% negative coverage so that his message never gets out? For believing the media unquestionably, do Americans deserve what they get?

President Trump is not without his warts; he’s rough around the edges, uses salty language, and says what’s on his mind. Sounds a lot like LBJ and JFK, FDR and Nixon? But where was the media in condemning their faux-pas? Dislike for Mr. Trump is not based on his policies; it is based on his personality. When did the Presidency become awarded to the winner of a personality contest? I submit that many Americans would rather see President Trump fail, than the country succeed, Have citizens confused personality dislike with policy dislike?

What about Hillary Clinton’s ‘deplorable’ comment, Michelle Obama’s [pride] ‘in her country’ remark, LBJ’s n** remarks, Nixon’s mouth? Yet, the media surely circles like buzzards on Donald Trumps head. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama wanted to increase border security, cut down on illegal immigration and were for increased funding to achieve these goals. Yet, Donald Trump wants the same thing, too, and he’s the racist, the insensitive one. John Q. Public, is there parity here? No. What are you doing about it? I rest my case.

Does the press need to apologize? No. we have a free press, but that press has a responsibility: accuracy in reporting-or at least a good faith effort. MSNBC and CNN need to “Report the facts” Just the facts, and let the American people believe or not believe (unless they host an opinion show). After all, opinions are like **holes; everyone has one…”



Rand Paul- your thoughts?

Do you remember the libertarian candidate for president, Ron Paul? His son, Rand, decided that the party for him was the GOP. Often for isolationism, Rand, feels that not all problems ‘go away’ with isolationism and that sometimes intervention is called for.

” Rand Paul tries to reach Republicans where they are and gently nudge them in a less interventionist direction by emphasizing areas of possible agreement between the GOP mainstream and libertarianism.”¹

Rand Paul, runs on the Republican ticket and is often favored by the Tea Party.

¹ retrieved from the web 10/31/2015  “Why Rand Paul is Different”

Social media’s place in campaigning

Another year of campaigning often means that we turn off the television and unplug the phone. In 2008 and 2012, with voter apathy reaching new highs; Barack Obama was able to make brilliant use of social media, come from nowhere to become the first black President of the United States. His successful candidacy dared other tech and media-savvy candidates to follow in his footsteps as they saw the boost that social media and television gave his campaign.

Never tiring of things political and of current events, I do tire of people butting heads, defending positions, going on offense whenever a position is disturbed and seeing those negative campaign ads. The old, ‘my-belief-is-better-than-yours-‘buzz-feeds. Isn’t it about time that we toss aside the boxing gloves and concentrate on solutions to our nations’ problems?

We can still be serious about problem-solving without taking ourselves too seriously. I’ve sparred before, but I announce now that commentary will be my schtick; I’ll leave the sparring to the media and candidates who have a ‘dog in this fight.’ Personal attacks aren’t necessary to prove a point.

Still having fun without being mean-spirited, Jimmy Fallon can still be funny and his guests can still air a lighter side, while still enjoying (?) a different style of campaigning; all the while indulging in a well-earned bit of levity in what has got to be an otherwise gruelling schedule.

Marco Rubio: “the Iran deal is a bad deal”

Prior to a vote by Senate Democrats on the Obama Administration’s nuclear deal with Iran,  Republican U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio spoke on the Senate floor about why it letting the deal go through wouldn’t be in our best interests or of the threat it poses to American’s now and its future generations.


Yesterday was the 14th ‘anniversary’ of 9/11 when the mainland of the United States  was attacked at the World Trade Center by terrorists. What a more fitting tribute to the first responders of 9/11 and the servicemen and women  who protect us from enemies, foreign and domestic, than the song that made Lee Greenwood famous. After years, the 2 main masterminds behind the attack are no longer a threat, but the United States will never be the same!

Some 2996 people were killed, including the 19 attack perpetrators, in what changed the security and the innocence of the United States forever. But for a time shortly following the attacks, most Americans were brothers and sisters who walked hand in hand. What happened?

Has the wall been torn down?

These are not my words, but a good introduction: “Such actions are also designed to “intimidate sources,” Scarborough noted, which Bernstein deemed “inexcusable.” There “is no reason that a presidency that is interested in a truly free press and its functioning should permit this to happen,” Bernstein asserted.”

Take the 9 minutes needed and listen to the story. Where does the need of the government to know, infringe upon our right to privacy and the ability of what is supposed to be a free press, to remain just that, free?

Isn’t this chilling? Doesn’t it make your blood boil? Even Carl Bernstein (or should I say, ESPECIALLY Carl Bernstein, is up in arms… Sounds like Watergate, Richard Nixon all over again. America, wake up; we need to be the WATCHDOG OF OUR GOVERNMENT!

Is this the Height of Hypocrisy?

I had to come back, had to shout this one from the rooftops. For months now, I’ve kept a low profile on things political, but I could not, not with good conscience, let this slip by, unnoticed. It got under my skin and in my craw. Though, by now it is posted all over, it should be common knowledge, not so much to rub Barack Obama’s nose in the hypocrisy (I’m sure he was aware of this long ago, but is now chastising his tax attorney) as to make another point.

What point? I had to come back, and air this tape  because it points out how much we all do due diligence when statements are made and mud is hurled. For a year and 1/2, Mr. Obama held Mitt Romney’s nose in mud and stirred the pot of class warfare, he as warrior-in-chief chief  (Obama). Now, the truth comes out. They both paid lower tax rates than most of us do. He got the mileage he could out of the 47% video and then bided his time for tax day, not able to wait until inauguration was over.

I like to think I did my homework, but  apparently, not enough: Mr. Obama paid a much higher tax rate-or so I thought.. After all, how dare this pot (POTUS) call the kettle black? But his tax rate was lower than most teachers. I’d be up in arms were I a teacher with a higher tax rate; and Warren Buffet’s secretary? Can he trot her out once again?

Yes, he is lucky, that there is BOSTON and the tragedy that just occurred there to bury this news. But, Boston, what is that all about? Let’s all bow out heads.