Do Americans deserve what they get?

Instead of Washington, DC being the center of a thriving democracy where the people’s business is done, some think DC has become a swamp of stale ideas, corruption, and career politicians doing everyone’s business but the peoples. Some of these politicians appear to care only about their power, prestige and re-election; not the people’s will or their Constitution.

In 2016, voters elected a President who doesn’t care about power, prestige and re-election. Finally, “John Q. Public has a champion!” Where is the support for our champion; our President? For our commander-in-chief?

Wake up, John  Q Public! Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel, someone wants to fight for you, making your life easier and what do you do? Do you sit back on your haunches as the the media relentlessly attacks and gets away with attempts to discredit our President or do you dig in? Why do you allow petty infighting to destroy a ship of State which has ISIS on the run, economic indicators rising, is creating jobs and more and increasing wages at those jobs?

Yes, Donald Trump is lightening rod for controversy, but why is it that we stand for a media which gives our President 93% negative coverage so that his message never gets out? For believing the media unquestionably, do Americans deserve what they get?

President Trump is not without his warts; he’s rough around the edges, uses salty language, and says what’s on his mind. Sounds a lot like LBJ and JFK, FDR and Nixon? But where was the media in condemning their faux-pas? Dislike for Mr. Trump is not based on his policies; it is based on his personality. When did the Presidency become awarded to the winner of a personality contest? I submit that many Americans would rather see President Trump fail, than the country succeed, Have citizens confused personality dislike with policy dislike?

What about Hillary Clinton’s ‘deplorable’ comment, Michelle Obama’s [pride] ‘in her country’ remark, LBJ’s n** remarks, Nixon’s mouth? Yet, the media surely circles like buzzards on Donald Trumps head. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama wanted to increase border security, cut down on illegal immigration and were for increased funding to achieve these goals. Yet, Donald Trump wants the same thing, too, and he’s the racist, the insensitive one. John Q. Public, is there parity here? No. What are you doing about it? I rest my case.

Does the press need to apologize? No. we have a free press, but that press has a responsibility: accuracy in reporting-or at least a good faith effort. MSNBC and CNN need to “Report the facts” Just the facts, and let the American people believe or not believe (unless they host an opinion show). After all, opinions are like **holes; everyone has one…”