Lately, we’ve heard claims of our President’s dementia, how unfit to hold office he is. Are these claims worth the time or energy spent listening to them or writing this post about them?

I think not. If they were true, our national security, our treaties, our plans, our whole government, relations with other countries would be suspect and a shame and at risk- if our president were incapacitated. But, I also feel that there are enough checks and balances, enough people who surround our president on a daily basis who would see their futures rocket to earth like comet, that they would/could not keep demented cat in the proverbial bag for long.

It has also been said that our president isn’t the ‘sharpest tool in the shed,’ a moron, an idiot. In some circles it is said that our president is ‘as dumb as rock.’ I differ. No matter what you may think of Donald Trump politically or personally, this 71 year old works 18-20 hour days, was accepted into the Wharton School of Business, doesn’t travel with the ‘turnip truck’ crowd; rather, travels with the elites. Am I now to be convinced that this man has a mental deficiency so great that it defies the many with whom he comes into contact?

This same man has been a major success in his life. With no political background and no organization, he ran for and won the presidency of the United States when the opposition was certain in all minds, except his. to win. He kept his head when others couldn’t, has a list of accomplishments during his first year as president not the least of which is an incredible turning  around in the US economy. Yet, this man who has been such an incredible success in running one of the worlds foremost reality shows, in real estate development globally, in hosting a hit reality television show and owning the network: this man is dumb?

The line from the original ‘Die Hard’ movie comes to mind when I think of the claims of non-intelligence or idiocy: “Hey, Babe, I negotiate million dollar deals for breakfast…” I believe our president is more than capable. Incompetency has been the rallying cry for years when a candidate beats to a different drummer; in this case, his.

4 thoughts on “Demented?

    1. The man has the wiles of a fox, he can strategize and scheme, says not just what is ON his mind, but what goes though his mind and his thought processes. I don’t think of that as dementia. I think of that as a kind of transparency many are not accustomed to, especially in our President. If someone don’t like that which is different already, the uneasiness that this kind of thinking creates in detractors is another reason to label him unfit to hold office! For, this kind of thinking is not in the playbook, the cookbook for what makes a ‘good’ POTUS-whoever defined the meaning of a ‘good POTUS’/whomever wrote the cookbook!


      1. If you find “The Cookbook”, check to see if the “Style Handbook of American Presidents” is along side it. If it is then check to see if it includes a chapter on “Acceptable Twitter Posts”.
        There seem to be a lot of people with a hair across their ass about President Trumps Twitter posts.


        1. “There seem to be a lot of people with a hair across their ass about President Trumps Twitter posts.” I know. There is a book out, “Let Trump be Trump” and so many naysayers ought to try leaving him alone. He is our President and has done nothing that is not in our best interests that I can see. Who died and imbued the MSM and people who know it all, with the sense of WHAT IS PRESIDENTIAL?


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