Jim GIlmore’s Running; or isn’t he?

JimgilmoreFormer Virginia Governor, Jim Gilmore, has announced his bid for the presidency, but he’s not running. What? Now, that, I’ll have to look up, because it makes NO SENSE!

From what I gather, Jim Gilmore’s is a candidacy in need of voters, but he’s not doing anything to get them. He’s not kissing babies or showing up to eat rubber chicken; hes a man, “desperately in need of voters, but in no apparent hurry to meet them,” according to the Washington Post.

Yes, Jim Gilmore is an enigma, a campaign’s ‘non-campaign.’ As former VA governor, one would expect him to be recognized a LITTLE BIT (?) in nearby SC. Not. In fact, last week he hired his first staffer from the area. He doesn’t say a lot, but will commit to one thing I like. He knows that he can prevent the decline of this great nation-but he’s a bit sparse on the details of this plan.