Involvement through volunteering

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Dang, I like ‘her’ thoughts on causes and solutions homeless problems and other domestic issues. But, I like ‘his’ message on immigration and foreign affairs while ‘this’ guy has a vision to solve the problem of country’s finances-so important now that our national debt has climbed well beyond $18 trillion! So many different messages, all so important to the future of our country.

Most of us aren’t going to run for office, but many would still like to be involved in the political process. How can we? Why not volunteer for a political campaign? College students might attend a College Democrats or College Republicans meeting to find information on how you might want to join a campaign, what you might expect to do, or you can find this information on the web and you’ll even find out how you might benefit from political activism. You might walk into a candidate’s local office (that you support) and say that you have an hour or two to give them, what would they have you do?

You’d be welcome with open arms for your desire to pick up the phone or deliver yard signs. You might host a candidate ‘meet and greet’ or drive your candidate around town. What a rewarding experience, made moreso when your candidate wins the election.

You might spread the candidate’s message to your campus, speak directly to people (canvass door to door or on the phone). When you become involved, you learn. You learn the political process and you influence the political process. As a volunteer, you have influence over the political process by encouraging others to vote, by stirring up enthusiasm. This is power!

Campaign volunteering isn’t just for the young. As we age, our experiences, verbal skills and grasp of issues improve as do our power of persuasion. Older campaign volunteers might have greater responsibility. Some have money, some have time, some have computer skills, some know law. Older or young, we all have skills.  Heck, you may be heavy on drool and licking envelopes would be just up your alley!