HAVE FUN; but first, a bit of housekeeping

History? Civics? Without the pop quiz! No teachers, no pets, just posts and I hope, a little bit of learning. The field of candidates is large now and I will have done my  job if Nov 2016 arrives and you feel a bit more prepared to pull the lever.  A few posts and I’m sure you’ll be able to pass the quiz on ‘match the name with the face!’ No, I promised, I promised. No quizzes!

So, enjoy the posts, videos, leaning about the candidates and issues they represent, stop by to with your cup of “Morning Joe” before work, or to catch a bit of  ‘Watter’s World’ before you retire for the eve.

I’ll do my level best not to attempt to persuade you one way or the other, but grown ups have a not being easily persuaded to change their minds and they also have a way of telling other grown ups to “jump back!’

There are only a few rules here and they are to play nice. No name-calling and above all, learn and have fun! Because politics, social issues, current events and policy can be so personal, such hot button issues, please refrain from pointing-fingers, too. Think, would you want to be called that? Would you call your mother that? While we encourage lots of participation, comments deemed “NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME”-ANYTIME won’t be published.