“My name is America”

No one likes wars, they’re messy, people die, children are left fatherless, but some war is necessary. And the decision to put soldiers. war is a subject which causes the President to think 20-50-100  times,  have many a restless nights He is, after all, committed to defending the Constitution of the United States.

FREEDOM ISN’T FREE! But wars will be with us always, unfortunately. That doesn’t mean that its time to adapt an “if you can’t beat ’em, joint ’em” attitude. It means that there are some times when we’re provoked, we have to defend ourselves. Our military also maintains a presence in certain countries. Not because we love to see our sons and daughters go off to foreign soils, but because we honor treaty agreements. And wouldn’t a war waged on foreign soil be better than one waged on our homeland? FREEDOM ISN’T FREE and anyone who thinks it is, need only to stick his/her nose into an unbiased  book of history and learn the subject which includes much more than when the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.