Is this the Height of Hypocrisy?

I had to come back, had to shout this one from the rooftops. For months now, I’ve kept a low profile on things political, but I could not, not with good conscience, let this slip by, unnoticed. It got under my skin and in my craw. Though, by now it is posted all over, it should be common knowledge, not so much to rub Barack Obama’s nose in the hypocrisy (I’m sure he was aware of this long ago, but is now chastising his tax attorney) as to make another point.

What point? I had to come back, and air this tape  because it points out how much we all do due diligence when statements are made and mud is hurled. For a year and 1/2, Mr. Obama held Mitt Romney’s nose in mud and stirred the pot of class warfare, he as warrior-in-chief chief  (Obama). Now, the truth comes out. They both paid lower tax rates than most of us do. He got the mileage he could out of the 47% video and then bided his time for tax day, not able to wait until inauguration was over.

I like to think I did my homework, but  apparently, not enough: Mr. Obama paid a much higher tax rate-or so I thought.. After all, how dare this pot (POTUS) call the kettle black? But his tax rate was lower than most teachers. I’d be up in arms were I a teacher with a higher tax rate; and Warren Buffet’s secretary? Can he trot her out once again?

Yes, he is lucky, that there is BOSTON and the tragedy that just occurred there to bury this news. But, Boston, what is that all about? Let’s all bow out heads.


3 thoughts on “Is this the Height of Hypocrisy?

  1. I never felt Obama was pointing out that ONLY Romney paid a lower tax rate than the average Joe. I think he also included himself in that and was pointing out how unfair it is for people such as himself and Romney who need to pay a higher tax rate.


    1. I wholeheartedly agree. He said from VERY early on and he made it quite clear that he felt that people such as he and Mitt Romney and others who were more fortunate should be paying more than the teacher, you and me. But, he didn’t stop there. He pummeled and demonized Mitt Romney-for not paying more in taxes and for having the belief that he did and that I share. But, he didn’t stop at demonizing. He REWARDED Jeffrey Immelt who’s company GE paid $ 0.00 in taxes with ‘jobs czar’ position; when all along he could have been working to revise the tax code which ALLOWS GE to get off to get off scott free and ALLOWED Romney and obama not to pay what many say is their fare share in taxes.

      I tried to make it clear that I felt that this pointed out a flaw in the electorate. That you, that me, that all John Q. Publics need to do their due diligence, stop listening to talking points and find out: IS he revising the tax code, IS Romney caring for an aged mother or another country with that money, WHAT, if any are extenuating circumstances? What do we really want for out country? Who is going to determine what is FAIR? What do we do (the country?) when Mitt Romney and him don’t have any more money to dole out and everyone has left NY, California, etc because of the high tax rate? I could go on and on but I think you can see where I’m going. Annie


    2. Linda, I agree with you that he felt that ALL wealthier people should have a greater burden. BUT, I don’t agree that they should for several reasons, first and foremost, WHAT is the wealthy paying more going to accomplish? That can only last for a few years before the wealthy are tapped out and then we’er back at square 1.

      I also feel that it is easy enough for President Obama to say that he should be with all the others and they should all pay higher taxes; but do you notice that he’s been in office for more than 4 years and there hasn’t been a blessed thing done about tax reform? Not only does the POTUS need to talk the talk; walking the walk is necessary.


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