Chicago Teachers Strike-why?

Chicago teachers make a good $71,000 and they ask for more? To pay for their health bennies? I thought they were in this for the students, just like I was in nursing for my patients WHO NEEDED, WHO RELIED UPON AND NEEDED ME.There is a fine line between complete narcissism and altruism with necessary narcissism.

, former White House Chief of Staff

I also wonder how our President feels about this. He has no choice but to back the NEA; but his former Chief of Staff and a close ally, Rahm Emmanuel is now mayor of Chicago. Is that why we haven’t heard much from President Obama about this? Poor Rahm, he doesn’t have the budget to meet the teachers; financial demands, unless he’s willing to increase the taxes on the parents of schoolchildren. Then again, Increasing Johnnies’ parents taxes will make them much less able and desirous to help Johnny with his homework and the Chicago School System will go further in that dark hole.

Yes, the rent has to get paid, but I also know that $71,000 is more than enough to pay Chicago rent. Heck, I lived nicely on $45,000 as a nurse in Chicago. And when I retire, there’s no such thing as a big fat pension waiting for me. But, how could I forget the plastic pen for National Nurse’s Week!

Quality of  education of Chicago’s student’s should be priority #1. No, teacher’s shouldn’t work for nothing, but when fewer than 60% of students graduate from high school, there’s something ‘rotten in Denmark.’