“This is My Country”

At 7 minutes, this is a tad longer than most videos, but worth it? It gives me pride in our country and makes me proud to be an American, one who will fight and die for my country. When I watched this gal speak at the Republican National Convention a few days ago, I was mesmerized by the well-chosen words that came straight from her heart. Yes, she has a political agenda (running for Congress from Utah), but she doesn’t seem to be grinding axes here and talking in sound bites, talking points and campaign slogans. Personally, I think we need young blood, young ideas and people who don’t see that a life in Washington is the ‘be all and end all’ to their lives.

Mia Love is that same kind of person we need more of in Washington, but that’s just my opinion. We all need to take responsibility, do our own research, and talking to friends and learning about issues of the day and the candidate’s proposal to deal with some of the problems we face. That way, we’ll all make a determination based on some pretty solid facts about the people we’d like to send to Washington.