Why “…Familiarity Breeds Contempt”

Hearing one of my favorite sayings, ‘…no dog in the hunt…’ I was intrigued and continued to watch one of the fastest, informative, 7-minute videos I’ve ever seen. And in that 7 minutes, reason after valid reason is given for why the election this November will be a landslide, predicting that Mitt Romney will be the ‘slider:’ not the slidee.

However, Mitt Romney will have his work cut out for him. Government spending MUST be cut and that won’t be fun. No one person ‘got us here,’ and no one person can undo the past, but we need to start making decisions that will head us in the right direction,

Our country, our economy is near the abyss and we can’t continue this roll downhill, for soon it will become a free-fall. No, “WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE!”