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Here is why we need pray and study before we vote.

want one?

I got the above today as an email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. As usual, they want me to send them money.

Frankly, I consider Obamacare abominable. Yes, it will mess up both our economy and our healthcare system, but that is not the worst part of it. Obama and the Democrats sold the program with a pack of lies, and Obamacare clearly violates our Constitution. Nonetheless, five Supreme Court Justices approved it, and President Obama signed the bill. Without even reading the bill, majorities in both houses of Congress voted for it.  Each of the public officials who had a role in establishing Obamacare as public law broke their oath of office. Unfortunately,  the roster of the guilty does not end there. To make Obamacare happen the majority of the electorate had to vote for these liars and scoundrels.

That truly saddens me. The majority of the people in my country voted to put liars and scoundrels…

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