“It’s a Wonderful Life”

“They don’t make movies like that any more,” said my husband and I in unison at the end of “Talk of the Town.” Talk of the WHO? “Talk” is a wonderful movie, heart warming and it shows that people can change, given the right circumstances. What woman wouldn’t do a bit of rearranging for Cary Grant?

Movies today are action-packed and while I admit to loving the suspense of the thriller genre, I’ve seen a lot of movies, kicking and screaming and I’ve loved the foray into a few westerns, movies from 1930s, a film that was the movie début for an actor (“The Best Years of our Lives”) and an all-time favorite (though I’m not so sure it was a favorite at the time of its release), ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.”

It’s my opinion that if you watch 10 of todays movies, you MAY see one movie that is entertaining. But, if you randomly watch 10 of yesteryears’ movies, the classic appeals to about 50-60%. But, like I said, I had to have an introduction to the older genre; I wouldn’t have tried anything but “Casablanca” and “Gone With the Wind” on my own!

5 thoughts on ““It’s a Wonderful Life”

  1. You’re absolutely right! Unfortunately, they don’t make them like they used to 9and never will again). At least we have the old classics to turn to. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    1. When my husband ‘introduced’ me to older movies (he has a collection of about 500), I learned that some of them are priceless and that most of today’s stuff is just that: stuff with which I can pass the time, but yesterday’s films are classic.


      1. So true! Nowadays, it’s primarily about special effects, overt sexuality and the same-old formula that every expects. Back then, they had depth, were thought-provoking and the acting was much more subtle (not nearly as over-the-top as today).


    1. That was such a good story, the acting great and true to form, Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed were real good (combining their two talents…) My husband, the REAL movie buff in the family, gives it about 5 thumbs up or 5 stars!


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