Barack Obama and “Dragnet”

What a coincidence that I stumbled upon this video at the same time I thought that President Obama needed a ‘TALKING TO! Notice his sheepish demeanor when he receives that ‘talking to’ from Jack Webb and Harry Morgan. I don’t know your opinions on ‘Obamacare,’ but I’ll share mine.

I’m don’t agree with Obamacare; but not because I want to see the uninsured mother of 5 remain uninsured and suffer; an aspersion cast by many liberals. Au contraire, I’d like to see each legal American have access to good health care benefits. I just think we can do better than a 906 page bill which includes an individual mandate, requiring us to buy health insurance-or face a penalty/fine/tax; my solution will find its way to another post.

Many employers provide health insurance to employees as a benefit of their employment. Not knowing the outcome of Supreme Court challenges, employers don’t know if they’ll be charged with providing health insurance or face a penalty/tax/fine. If they are faced with that decision, it is likely that they will think twice before offering health insurance to workers; or they’ll pass the cost of that insurance on to the worker.

If employees don’t receive health insurance from their employer, they’ll be forced to buy it on the free market. This simply isn’t an option for many and they’ll face a penalty/tax/fine or take advantage of the public option.

If employers continue to provide health insurance for their workers, the cost will be passed on to the worker in the form of lower salaries, salary freezes, cut-backs, lay-offs or not hiring at all. This is not the time to keep businesses from hiring; we already have 17,000,000 unemployed workers.

We were told that premiums would not increase. However, does it make sense that we can insure more people, deliver more services to more people; without raising premiums (a promise that President Obama made)?

4 thoughts on “Barack Obama and “Dragnet”

  1. Cost-sharing between employers and employees has already sky-rocketed. I can’t imagine it getting worse. But if Obamacare stays in place, Face it, the constitution does not give the federal government the right to delve into healthcare (or education, or a myriad of other areas). If we want to be pure to the constitution, Medicare, Medicaid, education and mroe would become sole provinces of the states to manage as they will. But that will never happen because Washington has established themselves as the central powerbase.


    1. I’m not sure there’s ONE word in the Constitution about health care, in which case, healthcare becomes the ale province of the states.
      “Washington has established themselves as the central power base.” But, a growing number of Americans are getting disillusioned with the power base, so I think turning control over to the states can happen. Maybe not in my lifetime, but ‘something’s coming, I don’t know, what it is..;.” Obamacare is WAAAAY over budget and the CBO has said that it won’t insure as many people as promised.


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