Just thoughts of today and Bird Martin tells a nice story!

Everyone Has A Story... Again

It seems to me that ever since my eldest child stepped foot into school, I have been waging a small war against the Americanpublic school system. The day the last kid graduated from that institution, I breathed a sigh of relief. The war was over for me.

The American Dream hinges a lot on education, and while I agree that education is important, I disagree with the adage that you can’t be successful without it. In the end, success is in eye of the beholder. Read here to get an idea of how successful, or unsuccessful, this family is.

All three of my kids are extremely intelligent, but when it came to standardized testing, Rebekkah just shined. As is the habit of public schools, she was given a PACT test as a sophomore in high school, which is a pre-test that gives the school some idea…

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