Identity theft is a severe crime, costing much $$ let alone the motional toll!

Everyone Has A Story... Again

Many years ago, some one stole my identity. I really wasn’t doing much with it back then, so it literally took years for me to figure out that this was what had happened. Back then, no one was ever talking about people stealing other people’s social security numbers, driver’s licenses, and the like, and frankly, raising three little kids was enough to keep me just distracted enough that I was a really good mark.

Credit, to me, is not a wonderful thing. So, having to learn to live without it was a positive experience for me. If we want something, we save for it, or we don’t get it. Period. My credit card debt? Zero. We never use credit for anything.

One interesting thing I did learn through this whole process, though, was how to deal with bill collectors. In the beginning, when this theft first took place, I…

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