Dick Morris past political associations, the POTUS and legislature are complicit. It’s a cozy arrangement-too cozy


Obama Assumes Dictatorial Powers is the view of Clinton Democrat advisor Dick Morris, not a rabid, right-wing-nut drooling onto his bayonet as he shrieks about the Prez. I’ll admit mentioning these laws before Morris brought them up, but I’ve never advised the White House as a Top Democrat so maybe no one was listening.

Mr. Morris is a little unfair here, the President hasn’t  ‘assumed’ the powers; Congress provided them and he simply ran with them. His choice, of course to run with them; he could have said: “No thanks!” You may have heard about this but I’ll bet you haven’t heard that some big shot Democrats aren’t too happy about it. Some actually seem to worry about the country!

The first is President Obama’s statement in open court that he has the power to kill anyone, anywhere, any time he (and he alone) believes they are a ‘threat.’ He defines what a…

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