World War ELEVEN

This morning, after standard news fare, we kept the television on; but perused to the History Channel. The edict of the hour was live footage and narrative of the atomic bombing plans in World War II by pilots of the Enola Gay and Bockscar.

My husband and I commented on how the History Channel should be required in study hall or detention in high schools across the land. There was commentary that many high school graduates thought that the atomic bombs were dropped in World War ELEVEN:(

While a saddening fact and testimonial to the state of our education system, what can we do? Pour more money into the school system? We have a very finite amount of cash, yet America’s teachers have impressionable minds in their charge and a good teacher is worth his/her weight in gold. Some schools have precious few resources to meet the VERY basics.

So, to prove a point, an analysis/opinion show
(and the name of the channel is insignificant, here) sent out a cameraman to ask the average Joe-on-the-street various questions. The answers astounded me, but shocked me more. Few knew-or cared-about the name of our country’s first president.