Lunchtime Light

It’s lunchtime and that means lighter fare, right? So, lighter it is! A few month ago, running to get the mail I ran into the neighbor kid. We’d heard him play the drums and he wasn’t that bad; truth be told, he wasn’t that good, either!

I digress; as I passed him in the street, I thought no harm could come from telling told him (being the friendly neighbor that I am!) that he played some good drums. MISTAKE… Big Mistake!! He hasn’t stopped from regaling us to a percussion show since then. If I could take my words back, there’d be dead air; pronto! ‘

One afternoon, when I was trying to get some writing done and he was playing, I went to his home with the express point of asking if we could possibly peacefully co-exist. Maybe he’d use the morning and 4PM-6PM to practice and I’d write w/ some concentration from 10 AM-4 PM. Not the best, but I could accomplish things.

Well, I approached  his door and rang the bell; I couldn’t raise a soul. Through all the racket, he couldn’t hear me; but we finally worked out a compromise deal similar to what I proposed.

Well, there was no binding arbitration to our ‘contract’ and he returned to an unpredictable schedule. Beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, but the sound of drums hit the airwaves.