This post piqued my curiosity, as I’m not an especially religious person, but very spiritual. The 7th paragraph discusses how America will only become America again, not if we vote Democrat or Republican, but this paragraph laid the groundwork for much that I’ve thought.


it does not exist within the mortal bounds of this planet.  It can be tasted this side of heaven but only in the hearts and souls of those who are willing to humble themselves and listen with ears that hear the message of truth.

Mankind has been trying to find a Utopianexistence since the beginning of time.  The horrible tyranny that results each and every time is too soon forgotten and the cycle begins again.  There is and always has been only one benevolent Master.  The Creator of everything and everyone that has ever existed, God in heaven.  Men down through the ages have risen up and proclaimed themselves to be that Master who can create an existence of total equality but it isn’t the equality that the common citizen thinks he is being promised.  America is at a crossroad today.   We are seeing the age-old tactic…

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