I missed April 1 by a day, but I wanted everything to be ‘just right’ on my new blog. For those who don’t have blogs, there are a dozen little bits and pieces to do ‘behind the scenes.’ So, sit back and enjoy the ride; I hope you’ll come by frequently and comment on my posts. Remember this is as much YOUR blog as it is mine.

Some things I say you may find enlightening (I hope all my posts are like this), some you may find that you disagree with (please comment on why you disagree and what you would change) and some will be “so-so.”  We all have different thoughts on different subjects; I promise that I’ll try to do my due diligence before I post and keep an open mind to what you say-and I hope you’ll do the same!

This blog will be one about the thoughts I’m thinking, but I invite YOUR thoughts as comments to MY thoughts. Let’s keep it nice, though with civil discourse!  Annie